Be a Green Santa

Be Kind to ourselves, our loves, the animals and the Earth. Merry a Green Christmas!

Vegan Handmade Christmas cookies

Green Common’s vegan cookies are deliciously handcrafted with love. Made with premium natural ingredients, these cookies are free from colourings, flavourings, preservatives or trans-fats. They’re especially perfect for those allergic to eggs or dairy , so everyone can indulge in these crispy goodies.

Each and every cookie has been mixed and baked by hand by local housewives, who benefit tremendously from flexible working hours. We aim to support these mums by allowing them to earn a stable income and balancing their schedule as stay-at- home mums.
Much thought has also been given to the packaging and the gift box can be reused as a trinket box.

Get the full Christmas cookie boxes or Gingerbread men to be a Green Santa this year.



** Perfect for Gluten-free friends! This hamper is tailored for friends who are gluten intolerant.



A sensational array of green snacks with black truffle chips, quinoa puffs for guilt-free holiday feasting.




This is the hamper to beat all hampers. It’s jam packed with all of our favourite products that’ll please the whole family with handmade vegan cookies and a bottle of Riesling to bring the festive cheer.

Email to request for tailored hampers.

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