Coconut Lover !

Coconut Lover !
11/08/2015 Green Common

Coconut products are big hit of this summer season. Coconut water, oil, sugar, ice-cream, milk powder, raw yogurt are in high demand.  The name coconut is literally misleading.  That’s not a nut but a seed, a really big valuable seed.  Coconut in the past is a no-no item until science cracks up this tropical gem.  Lots of benefits are revealed.



Coconut water is the clear juice inside young green coconuts. Rich in electrolytes and potassium in particular becomes a must-drink item by sports athletes in recent years.  The potassium content of 300ml coconut water is on par with a medium-sized banana. 


Coconut oil got a bad reputation of unhealthy oil in the past.  Yet coconut fat contains lauric acid, a medium chain triglycerides (aka MCTs), giving magical effect to body – promoting heart health and strengthening immune system.  Its high boiling point makes it outstanding for high temperature cooking. 


Coconut milk is an aromatic alternative to dairy milk powder. Pressed from grated or coconut puree, coconut milk gives a creamy mouth-feel no one can resist. Coconut milk is the perfect companion of making smoothie, curry, desserts and even whipped cream.  Coconut milk powder grant you convenient access to the coconut goodness by simply adding water.