Green Common will be offering free classes to educate the public regarding safe and healthy consumption.

Sessions will include:

  • Food Label Reading, how to understand contents and ingredients, developing the ability to readily make safe and healthy decisions at the point of purchase.
  • Vegetarian 101, an introductory class explaining what it is to practice vegetarianism and how to maintain a balanced and healthy vegetarian diet.
  • Cooking Demonstrations, teaching you how to take raw and healthy ingredients and turn them into mouthwatering, delicious meals.


1% of each transaction at Green Common goes to the “Rice for Gift” program between Green Monday Foundation and Food Angel, which we join effort to deliver meals to people in need.

Every dollar paid for a “Green Gift” card would complete a lunch box for the needy. Share your happiness and wishes to your families and friends to the world.


Bring Your Own Bottle service at Green Common!

We offer unlimited free refills of drinkable filtrated water, no purchase necessary.

Contrary to popular belief, the most expensive part of a bottle of water is not the plastic bottle but the water itself.
Please help in our effort to reduce plastic use as it is not biodegradable and use refillable water bottles, we will do our part but supplying you with the costly part of the process!


We will be launching a “Green Monday Cook Easy Pack” at Green Common – a joint project by Veggie Mom Christine and the social enterprise Cook Easy (under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals). While busy Hong Kongers can benefit from these convenient food packs with recipes designed by Veggie Mom, they are also supporting the creation of job opportunities for people with disabilities at Cook Easy.

In addition, to support local businesses, we give priority to products sourced from Hong Kong organic farms, social enterprises, SMEs and fair-trade organizations.