JUST for all

Green Common 以Just Scramble植物蛋入饌,變化出兩道精緻美味、對食客來說卻又絲毫不覺陌生的菜色,名為「植物蛋超人早餐」和「植物蛋照燒碗」,兩者分別捕捉了西方和東方菜式的神髓,也點出了蛋白質並非只於早餐時才會被注意到,而是每一餐膳食也應具備的元素。

Green Common worked with JUST to create familiar and palate-pleasing dishes for local Hong Kong consumers. The two dishes – “Just Scramble Teriyaki Bowl” and “All Day Just Scramble” – capture the essence of eastern and western culinary culture and embrace the fact that protein is an important element for every meal of the day, not only at breakfast time.


一個由多款有益又好味的材料組成、絕不平凡的早餐,材料包括有蕃茄、雜沙律菜、鮮甜雜菌、茄汁焗豆、牛油果等,伴以黑醋醬。全麥多士可換成香脆的方型薯餅。超人全餐的焦點當然落於炒得黃金的Just Scramble植物蛋上,植物蛋上放上黑松露菌醬,成就一份驚人美味的早餐。


All Day Just Scramble

A not-so-classic all day breakfast that comes with a wide range of healthy and delicious sides such as tomato, green salad, mixed mushrooms, baked beans and avocado, served with balsamic sauce. Whole wheat toast can be changed to hash brown upon request. The spotlight falls on Just Scramble topped with black truffle pâté, for an indulgent breakfast.


誘人非常的日式純素碗飯,淋上自家製照燒汁。紅米加糙米做的飯底有益又健康,上邊鋪滿七彩材料,包括蟲草花、茄子、甘荀粒、西蘭花、椰菜花和冬菇粒等,然後上邊再放上一件精緻的Just Scramble植物蛋,拼湊出的美味令人一試難忘。


Just Scramble Teriyaki Bowl

A tempting Japanese vegan bowl served with homemade teriyaki sauce. Mixed grains are topped with colorful and nutritious cordycep flowers, eggplant, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower and Chinese mushroom. The fresh vegetables are topped with Just Scramble for a warm and satisfying contrast.

「植物蛋超人全餐」及「植物蛋照燒碗」於Green Common海港城店、 灣仔店、中環置地歷山店及上環Nan Fung Place店供應,兩款菜色皆屬純素。

The All Day Just Scramble and Just Scramble Teriyaki Bowl are available at Green Common Harbour City, Wanchai, Landmark Alexandra and Nan Fung Place. They are made with vegan ingredients.

JUST Series 產品

Just Scramble 植物蛋

  • High protein
  • 0 mg of cholesterol per 100g
  • Requires less water and emits fewer carbon emissions than conventional eggs
  • 高蛋白質
  • 每100克食用份量含0克膽固醇
  • 其成分比生產常規雞蛋更省水資源,排放更少的碳

Just Mayo 蛋黃醬

  • Non-GMO plant-based mayonnaise made of various plant extract. Fresher tasting and smoother spreading
  • 非基因改造蛋黃醬,僅採用植物成分製作。清爽配搭,質感幼滑。

Just Ranch 沙律醬

  • Perfect balance of creamy and tangy, with a hint of natural ingredients such as sweet onion, lemon and pepper
  • 經典田園沙律醬,成分天然,當中配以檸檬、洋蔥及胡椒,香濃又creamy,配沙律或薄餅亦一流!

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