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素媽媽公開教室 _FB_21Nov2015-01

21Nov (Sat) 素媽媽公開教室


23Nov (Mon) 冷壓零距離


30Nov (Mon) 標籤解讀大搜查

KIND KITCHEN logoKind Kitchen is a brand-new cruelty-free cooking studio that will be a key vehicle for public education. Kind Kitchen is a meeting place for us to share our joy and creativity in plant-based cooking. We will invite partnering chefs to give cooking classes for all sorts of cuisines, be it European, Indian, South East Asian or raw vegan. Workshops such as food labeling seminars, vegetarian 101, raw vegan diet, green juicing classes etc. will also take place regularly at Kind Kitchen. Participants will learn how to cook and eat in a way that is good for ourselves, good for others, and good for the planet.

活學活用  善食分享

貫 徹教育大眾的宗旨,Green Common 綠色素食生活館(上環)會定期舉辦烹飪及健康主題分享會,更為大家帶來全港首個綠色「善食」教室Kind Kitchen。Green Monday 一直提倡一切環保行動由餐桌做起,有了Kind Kitchen,我們便能更全面跟大家分享烹調素食的樂趣及無限創意。現在講素食已經不再局限於中式「羅漢齋」,Kind Kitchen 將邀請不同合作伙伴傳授西式或東南亞風味的素煮意,近年愈炒愈熱的生機素食也可以多姿多彩。

烹調以外,Kind Kitchen也會定期舉行解構食物標籤、如何開始素食 / 生機飲食等的健康主題分享會,讓參加者學到真正「識飲識食」,善待自己、善待社區以至善待地球。

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