Social & Environmental Responsibilities

Double CSR's:Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Social Responsibility

Green Monday has always emphasized the importance of the two CSR’s: Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Social Responsibility and that they should go hand-in-hand. Hence Green Common incorporates numerous social elements into our operation.


We’re deeply committed to the sustainable and responsible sourcing of our products. Meatless, healthy, cruelty-free and fair-trade are our priorities. In addition, to support local businesses, we give priority to products sourced from Hong Kong organic farms, social enterprises, SMEs and fair-trade organizations.


Considering that livestock industry is the largest contributor to global warming, we only sell meatless products in Green Common. To minimize our environment footprint, we use 100% LED lighting system and do not provide plastic bags to consumers.


To improve community well-being, 1% of each transaction at Green Common goes to the “Rice for Gift” program between Green Monday Foundation and Food Angel, which we join effort to deliver meals to people in need.


In Green Common, every detail seeks to inspire consumers a more holistic mindset towards food, from the Climate Change Gallery, to enlightening quotes, stories behind different foods, books, reusable shopping bags and free refills of water bottles.


To improve waste management in Green Common, we started a recycling program by setting up a waste classification recycling bin and a reusable shopping bags corner. We encourage consumers to donate their spare shopping bags for others’ use.


Green Common is a one-stop concept: from snacks to fresh produce to staple foods, you will find everything here to satisfy a whole family. We empower you with choices to show how tasty and diverse plant-based dishes can be just as they are nutritious, ecological and fair.