Superfood Hamper For Mid Autumn Festival

Superfood Hamper For Mid Autumn Festival
27/08/2015 Green Common




中秋佳節 福綠相傳

帶領綠色飲食文化的Green Common特別為既著重傳統、同時關注健康的顧客帶來一份綠色禮遇,以最流行的「超級食物」(Superfood) 搭配應節月餅,為摯愛親朋送上一個環保又健康的佳節祝福。而且每購買一個中秋禮籃,便可以提供8個飯盒的米飯予社會上需要食物援助的人士,將節日的喜悅進一步與人分享。


Fill your Mid-Autumn with Green and Joy!
As a pioneer of the Food 2.0 culture, Green Common brings to you a sustainable and wholesome Mid-Autumn Hamper that features festive vegan mooncakes and a fine selection of this year’s hottest superfoods. In addition, for every Hamper purchased, Green Common will make a donation for eight free lunchboxes to be delivered to people in need, making our Hamper an ideal gift to show affection to your loved ones as well as share joy with the community.

禮籃內容/ Hamper Contents

素之樂素月餅 Vegelink Vegetarian Mooncake 4 x 185g
蘇太醬家滋味禮盒2瓶裝 Mrs. So’s Sauce Gift Pack 2’s 2 x 190g
多瑞士黑松露薯片 TORRES Selecta Black Truffle Potato Chips 125g
羽衣甘藍脆片 (超級食物) Alive & Radiant Superfood Kale Krunch 2.2oz
有機三色藜麥 La Tierra Organic Tri-colour Quinoa 454g
有機生機杞子 Terrasoul Organic Raw Goji Berries 340g
洛神花天然濃汁 Roselle Farms – Hibiscus Juice Concentrate 750ml
100%純天然椰子水 Jax Coco 250ml Glass Bottle 250ml


條款及細則/ Terms & Conditions:

1 禮籃會於訂購後一星期後,辦公時間內送貨。由9月7日起開始 第一次送貨。如需指定日期/時間送貨, 請註明。
The Hamper will be delivered one week from the order date and within working hours. The earliest delivery date is 7 September. Please check with our staff if you require the Hamper to be delivered on a specific date.

2 禮籃送貨服務將於9月20日截單。 9月21日後禮籃將繼續發售但不設送貨服務。
Orders for the Hamper made on or before 20 September is entitled to delivery service. On or after 21 September, the Hamper can still be ordred but will not be delivered.

3 所有訂購禮籃是免費安排送貨, 偏遠地區除外, 如離島/大埔,元朗,粉嶺 個別地方 需另行報加運費。
The Hamper’s unit price includes one free delivery within Hong Kong. Extra charges may apply for remote locations such as outlaying islands, Tai Po, Fan Ling etc.

4 送貨只送一次, 如需再安排送貨, 會另收取$150 運費
If re-delivery is needed, an extra fee of HK$150 will be charged.

5 以上貨品會因貨源以同類型貨品代替,貨品類別, 將由Green Common 作決定並不作任何通知, 請見諒。
Hamper Contents may vary subject to stock availability. Green Common reserves the right to amend the Hamper Contents without prior notice.

6 禮籃內容可隨個人喜好更改配搭,詳情請向店員查詢。
Hamper contents can be customized according to your wish. Our staff are happy to assist you.


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