[Back to School] Power Up Breakfasts & Snacks

[Back to School] Power Up Breakfasts & Snacks
25/08/2015 Green Common
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It’s mid august already! This means it’s time children go back to school. Being panic of what to make for your daughters or sons for breakfast and snacks? Stay close with us and we are here to give you some tips!

Why is breakfast so important?

Many studies have shown that breakfast can help kids stay alert and do better in class. Just imagine when your car tank fills with fuel, it runs smoother and faster. Replenishing our bodies with nutrient-dense food for breakfast, it will be a great way to recharge energy.

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If you tend to make breakfast for your kids to grab and go, sandwich is one of the most convenient ideas. As bread is already carbohydrate-rich, what’s needed to put inside is protein and good fat. Peanut butter is a good choice to go with the whole wheat bread; but almond butter is an alternative to be the source of protein as well. If it is not filling enough, boil an egg and put it on top!



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Cold Cereal

Putting cold cereals such as corn flakes, rice puff, mini squares etc into milk or any non-dairy milk is a common practice for kid’s breakfast. However, some of them are coated with heavy sugar and contain solely of carbohydrates. Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Muesli Cranberry Cashew  provides nothing junk but ancient grains such as millet, amaranth and quinoa along with gluten-free oats. Flavored with nuts and seeds and dried fruits, it even improves its protein value.

Hot Cereal

If you want something hot and quick and nutritious in the morning, Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal will be your call. Made with gluten-free oats, real fruits and nuts, these oatmeal cups provide all natural goodies. A cup of the oatmeal also gives you as much protein as that in a glass of milk, as much carbohydrate as that contained in 2 slices of bread and as much good fat as a small handful of almond.

Is Snack necessary?
Children are always growing; they may need to eat more often to obtain the calorie they need. Snacks can supplement meals to steadily provide energy. A good snack choice should be able to provide nutrients that might be missing from lunch and dinner. However, heavy and unhealthy snacking may cause an increase in energy intake or decrease in appetite during meal time that may lead to malnutrition.

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If your children cannot get enough fruits and vegetables at meal time, why not introducing some fiber rich snacks during the snack time?
Greenday Okra Chips is rich in fiber. Just half bag of it (13g), it provides 4g of fiber, which eqauals to almost a bowl of cooked vegetables!

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Quinua Real Rice Cracker gives all of the varieties to snack. Simply top them with greek yogurt and blueberries, then you already have a simple dessert; while mashing an avocado with black pepper and basil on top, it become a quick savory bite. Rice Cracker is better than bread for snacks as it is lighter, so that your children will not lose appetite during meals time