“Green is More Than a Colour” is their brand statement. They hope to inspire people re-defining “green” and “plants”. “Green is More Than a Colour” doesn’t mean “more than one green colour”, but “Green is not only a colour”, it can be a lot more. Plants are not only for home décor, it can also be one of your family member. They can moisturize your eyes, supply you fresh air and be your lifestyle and attitude icon. In fact, they all wish to live in an area surrounded by fresh green plants, but the impression of growing plants may have been too hesitating. Time-consuming, attractive to mosquitoes, difficult to manage, or even easily getting killed by us may discourage you from having plants. However, we believe that if Flora Houses could make you enjoy planting, you will also see "green is more than a colour”, like they do.

*Functional performance depends on the conditions of the locations where the plants are placed.

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