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Eat The Rainbow Cooking Workshop with Nutritionist
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Eat The Rainbow Cooking Workshop with Nutritionist

Do you check to see if there’s a food label at the back while doing grocery shopping?

How do you know if a food is high in fat, sugar or salt?

The majority of foods at the supermarket are pre-packaged and some of them could be food traps. Luckily, there are food labels to tell you what you’re actually “eating” and how much nutrients they stack up. In this workshop, our Nutritionist will teach you basic nutrition concepts, how to read food labels and tips on choosing pre-packaged foods. You will also get hands-on experience of making grilled vegan chicken rainbow burrito. You’re a step away from healthy diets!

Date:23 Nov 2019 (Sat)
Time:10:30-11:30(Please arrive 10 minutes earlier for registration)
Location:Kind Kitchen, Sheung Wan
Quota: 6
Fee: $380
Early Bird Discount: $250 (for applications before 15 Nov)

Each participant can bring home a grilled vegan chicken rainbow burrito, $50 cash coupon, cotton totebag by Heura and recipe book. Please bring your own reusable container and bag. 

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