The Founder of The Apple Press: Ross Beaton started growing apples back in 1982 and built a successful apple business exporting apple to 45 countries. Ross is seriously passionate about apples and was always bothered about the “Ugly Fruit” -the apples that were of ‘A Grade’ taste and texture but went to waste because they weren’t pretty enough for export. He had a burning desire to do something about it!

In 2013, when Ross met Sally Gallagher, Hawke’s Bay’s Food Innovation Specialist, and with a shared vision, The Apple Press was born. Together they set out to make all-natural, quality, varietal led apple juice in significant quantities.

At The Apple Press, they don’t think looks should matter, they take the “cosmetically blemished” apples (aka Ugly Fruit) that aren’t considered pretty enough for export, and craft them into the world’s best apple juice. They take the world’s best apples and cold-press them into single varietal apple juices, with no added sugar or preservatives. Ugly Fruit still has A Grade taste and texture, with that same crispy crunch and delicious sweetness when you bite into it, so they make it their business to ensure those apples fulfill their apple destiny by being enjoyed by apple lovers around the globe.
In 2018 The Apple Press JAZZ™ juice was awarded ‘Best Non-Alcoholic Beverage’ at the New Zealand Food Awards, beating 23 other entries!