Worried about the potentially insufficient nutrients in a gluten-free diet? This article explores what we should pay attention to and ways to eat healthier in a gluten-free diet.
Depicted as an elixir from the sea, our need for omega-3 fatty acids for regulatory and structural functions, plus emerging evidence demonstrating their association with lower risks of heart problems and depression, have allowed them to live up to a fancy title as the “magic nutrient”. Omega-3 is a group of fatty acids. Within the omega-3 family, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), DHA and EPA may be some familiar names.
Over 90% of people are lactose intolerant. What should they eat to get enough calcium?
The health benefits of going plant-based, for example, reducing the risks of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hyperlipidemia, and preventing overweight and obesity problems, are well supported by scientific evidence. These benefits, however, are not guaranteed unless the right amount and proportion of nutrients are consumed.
If you do not want to gain weight during the Dragon Boat Festival, remember to be aware of the following tips and check out our vegan rice dumpling picks! 
COVID-19 has completely changed our lives, especially when it comes to what we eat. With all the idle time we have, now is the perfect time for you to expand your culinary imagination, starting from assembling your very own bento! Green Common has meticulously selected a variety of bento must-haves for you, from small appliances, […]
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