Green Common New Vegan Mooncakes Collection Recreating Guilt-free Festive Treats
Over the past few years, a skyrocketing amount of people opt for healthy and light delicacies and bakes in celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival. Green Common this year introduces a new collection of Mixed Flavour Vegan Mooncake with two new unique flavours to further dazzle the festive scene, Figs with Pistachio & Oat and Mixed Nuts with Blueberry & Purple Sweet Potato. Perfectly combining various plant-based ingredients, the latest collection of vegan mooncakes is here to keep the tradition light and healthy. Let’s have a look at this year’s vegan mooncake collection!



Mixed Flavour Vegan Mooncake

Beautifully boxed as Mixed Flavour Vegan Mooncake, Figs with Pistachio & Oat (3pcs) and Mixed Nuts with Blueberry & Purple Sweet Potato (3pcs) come in a bundle of six to feed the festive spirits.

Green Common Mixed Flavour Vegan Mooncake開心團圓純素月餅禮盒



Figs with Pistachio & Oat

This mooncake features nutritious ingredients such as dried figs, pistachios and oats. Known for its high calcium content, dried figs are one of the top dried fruits, accompanied by high-fiber oats and pistachios that contain high-quality proteins and polyunsaturated fats. The perfect combination of ingredients creates a soft yet crunchy texture. This mooncake contains 17% less sugar than the traditional mixed-nut mooncakes, 0mg cholesterol and 0mg trans fat (per 100g). Free of added preservatives and artificial colourings make it take precedence over everything else for this Mid-Autumn Festival.


Main ingredients: dried figs, pistachios, oats, cashews and more

*Only available as one of the flavours in Mixed Flavour Vegan Mooncake




Blueberry & Purple Sweet Potato

Trending as one of the popular vegetables, purple sweet potato joins as the brand new flavor in Green Common mooncake collection. Packed with fresh blueberries, the mooncake is coated in soft purple sweet potato crust, delivering their rich content of super antioxidants and anthocyanidins. Six kinds of nuts and seeds are also mixed with blueberries in the stuffing. Compared to traditional mixed-nut mooncake, it contains 34% less sugar, 0mg cholesterol and 0mg trans fat (per 100g). This mooncake also adds no preservatives and artificial colourings, delighting everyone with guilt-free indulgence.


Main ingredients: fresh blueberries, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, white sesame seeds, purple potato and more.

*Only available as one of the flavours in Mixed Flavour Vegan Mooncake

Green Common_Blueberry _ Purple Sweet Potato團圓果仁紫薯月餅(藍莓味)



Top Gifting Choice - Mid-Autumn Hamper Curated by Nutritionist

Apart from the quintessential sweet treat, the collection of Green Gift Basket, curated by our nutritionist, is a Mid-Autumn Festival win-win. The Green Gift Basket comprises Mixed Flavour Vegan Mooncakes, healthy nibbles, rejuvenating fruit tea, oat milk coffee, vegan soup and more, gathering your beloved ones to savour the festive treats, all without the guilt.


Pre-order period: 7 September

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