September Discount Offers 9月著素優惠

September Discount Offers 9月著素優惠
31/08/2017 Green Common

Deli Weekend Offers 周末餐飲著素

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NEW $10 e-Coupon
Show Above Image to Enjoy Weekend Deli Offer
出示以上電子現金券 即享周末著素
Promotion Period 優惠期:Till 1 Oct
Available at Landmark Alexandra 只限置地歷山店

Opening Celebration Deli Offers 開張餐飲優惠

Lunch Special Offer_MK_W1920xH1080_30Aug2017 v2

DayTime Offer 午間優惠 (Mains 主菜 -$10)
Enjoy $10 Off on our Healthy Mains, Beyond Burger or Superkid Menu; Enjoy $5 Off on our Sides, Soups, Desserts or Drinks before 6pm, Monday to Friday.

(Not applicable to Cold Pressed Juice , Not applicable to public holidays)



Available at The Forest & Harbour City

Lunch Special Offer_AH_W1920xH1080_25Aug2017 v2

Green Offer (Mains 主菜 -$10)
Enjoy $10 off on our Healthy Mains and Beyond Burger*, every Monday to Friday, after 2:30pm.

(Not applicable to public  holidays 不包括公眾假期)

Available at Landmark Alexandra

*In limited supply 限量供應

Mid Autumn Bundles 中秋組合優惠

Promotion 優惠期:Till 3 Oct


Monthly Highlight 本月重點優惠

Product highlights (2)

Fish & Chips Offer 海港城有著素
Taste the future with Vegan Fish & Chips at Harbour City, on offer for only $30 upon ordering a healthy main or Beyond Burger. (Original Price: $45)
海港城店惠顧主菜或未來漢堡,+$30 即可享用炸植物魚薯條一客。(原價:$45)


Simplee Upgrade Promotion 蘆薈汁升級優惠
Enjoy a Simplee Aloe Juice for $12 (Original or Apple & Mango) upon ordering a healthy main or Beyond Burger. Available at Harbour City & Landmark Alexandra (for 12oz take away only).
於海港城店或置地歷山店惠顧任何未來漢堡或主菜,可以優惠價$12享用原味或蘋果香芒味天然蘆薈汁一杯 (置地歷山店只限外賣12安士杯裝 )。
Promotion 優惠期:Till 30 Sep

New CPJ offers

Promotion 優惠期:
Till 18 Sep
Leonardo Charm 芒果蘋果冷壓果汁 (Original 原價 $38.9)
Till 19 Sep
Anne Cleanse 羽衣甘藍菠菜檸檬蘋果冷壓果汁 (Original 原價 $42.9)
Till 21 Sep
Ellen Joy 柑橘冷壓果汁 (Original 原價 $33.9)
Till 22 Sep
Natalie Beauty 藍莓蘋果冷壓果汁 (Original 原價 $38.9)
Andy Anti Age 香橙西柚蘋果蔓越莓冷壓果汁 (Original 原價 $42.9)
Faye Chill 菠蘿青瓜檸檬梨冷壓果汁 (Original 原價 $38.9)

TCC offer

Promotion 優惠期:
12 – 25 Sep
Wan Chai Branch 灣仔店
Nan Fung Place Branch 中環南豐店
26 Sep – 9 Oct
Landmark Alexandra Branch 置地歷山店


Promotion 優惠期:
Till 19 Sep
Peach Yogurt 純素香桃乳酪
Till 21 Sep
Blueberry Yogurt 純素藍莓乳酪
Till 29 Sep
Strawberry Yogurt 純素士多啤梨乳酪

Product highlights (3)

Promotion 優惠期:Till 3 Sep

Product highlights

Promotion 優惠期:Till 13 Sep


Promotion 優惠期:Till 13 Sep

Simple Aloe new price new offer

Promotion 優惠期:Till 18 Sep


Promotion 優惠期:Till 27 Sep


Promotion 優惠期:Till 30 Sep


Promotion 優惠期:Till 30 Sep


Promotion 優惠期:Till 30 Sep

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