Top 4 Sports Essentials 提升運動表現 四大必備

Top 4 Sports Essentials 提升運動表現 四大必備
25/08/2017 Green Common

Recipe Images (11)Green Common Mong Kok has opened! Drop by our store in The FOREST, 17 Nelson Street, Mong Kok, to stock up on your GREEN essentials. You’ll find our hero products such as ready-to-cook Beyond Burger patties, Califia Almond Milk, Daiya vegan cheese, yogurt and Common Good cold pressed juice. You can also learn more on how to keep hydrated and fit before and after exercise at our dedicated sports-focused section.

Green Common第五分店登陸波鞋街﹗新店特設運動專櫃,引入美國大熱氫氣水H Factor、有機運動飲料BerriPro、高蛋白麵Gafell等,為運動一族補水補足能量。

Here are our 4 Top Picks on Sporty Essentials

HFactor price2

H Factor Hydrogen Infused Water

For peak performance, take this hydrogen rich water before exercise to help reduce muscle fatigue. Loved by us and loved by NBA players!

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Berri Pro Organic Plant-Based Fitness Drink

The world’s first USDA Certified Organic plant-based healthy fitness beverage. Packed with super-functionality ingredients in manuka honey, as well as electrolytes and energy sourced from maca, maqui berries, ginseng and coconut water. Non-GMO, gluten-free, no synthetic additives, chemical electrolytes, artificial sweeteners & colors. 全球首個獲美國USDA有機認證的植物性健身飲料。源自瑪卡、巴西莓、人參和椰子水中的天然電解質及能量,加上UMF10+麥盧卡蜂蜜,為運動一族帶來極級健身能量補給。不含基因改造成份,不含麩質、合成添加劑、化學電解質、人造甜味劑及人造色素。

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Gafell Soybean Pasta

This easy-to-cook pasta is made from beans and thus a great source of protein for vegans.
GAFELL黃豆、黑豆麵內含蛋白質是意粉3倍、米粉的10倍! 只需簡單配上蔬菜,就已經輕易攝取足夠蛋白質。更加有助修補肌肉,回恢體力。

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Boc’n’ Roll Eco Food Wraps

Wrap and roll! Fill up this eco & easy to clean wrap with healthy meal & snacks, and you will never go hungry on a hike again.


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