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In addition to our retail stores across Hong Kong, we are also a wholesaler and distributor of vegetarian, vegan, organic and natural foods. Our expertise of specialist vegetarian and vegan products enables us to offer expert advice on nutrition and food service green menu planning. There are more products in our portfolio. Please contact us for more information.

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Food 2.0

Products which fall under the Food 2.0 category are not only plant-based, and therefore a natural source of nutrients, but are now just as protein-packed as real chicken or beef except with less cholesterol, less saturated fat and made from non-GMO, organic ingredients.

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Backed by Bill Gates and Silicon Valley, Beyond Meat is one of the latest Food 2.0 companies who aim to create mass-market solutions that perfectly replace animal protein with plant protein. It uses all-natural ingredients and a propriety system that applies heating, cooling, and pressure to align plant-proteins in the same fibrous structures that you’d find in animal proteins.


Gardein is an award-winning line of delicious and healthy meat-free foods. Gardein is out to revolutionize the meat-free category by providing foods that have an unmatched, award-winning taste. It offers mouthwatering, center-of-plate foods that deliver real meat taste, texture and nutrition – with no cholesterol and less fat and calories than traditional proteins. Made with soy and grains, Gardein’s foods can easily replace traditional protein in any meal or recipes.


From vegan cheese to plant-based milk, non-dairy products are increasingly becoming more popular.

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Califia Farms is one of the fastest growing natural beverage companies in the United States. Consumer interest in plant-based diets has expanded well beyond vegan shoppers in recent years, and Califia Farms is playing a key role in the 40% annual growth of almond milk sales with its range of almond milks as its key hero products. Califia Farms is also leading the charge in another rapidly growing sector, cold brew coffee and RTD coffee drinks.

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The brand leader of the non-dairy sector in the US/Canada, with nearly 22,000+ point of sales and food service operators. Daiya vegan cheese is seen to be a true breakthrough in the dairy-free market as its cheese shreds stretches, melts and tastes delicious, winning ‘Product of the Year’ in the 2009 Veggie Awards. Boasting great taste and healthy ingredients with 33% less fat than traditional dairy cheese, Daiya is free from cruelty, cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics found in cow’s milk.

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Since the Follow Your Heart team first created Vegenaise ® in the early 1970s,  it has grown to become the most-loved, egg-free sandwich spread among vegans, vegetarians, and anyone looking for a healthier, more sustainable option to mayonnaise. Now they have expanded their range to delicious salad dressings even tartar sauce.

Beverages, Snacks & Superfoods

CommonJuiceLogo-01 copyThe Green Common incubated cold-pressed juices are playfully named after famous celebrities who adopt or advocate a plant-based diet, such as Leonardo DiCaprio & Natalie Portman. It utilizes the brand new high-pressure processing (HPP) technique, extending the expiry period to 3 months.

simplee aloe logoSimplee Aloe is the best-selling range of delicious and functional all-natural aloe vera ‘superjuice’ drinks that deliver the health, beauty and nutritional benefits of this wonder plant.

Crunchamame Snacks


Crunchamame is a crunchy vegan snack made from young soybeans (edamame). It is rich in plant-based proteins and is great for healthy snacking.
Edamame is one of nature’s perfect foods, containing an optimal balance of complete plant-basedCommon Good Juice Intro protein, carbohydrates, fiber, mono-unsaturated fats, and powerful anti-oxidants.